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SK Saddlefit is owned and opperated by professional saddle fitter Sara Kilguss in South Reading, Vermont. Sara is also the regional sales rep for Custom Saddlery  and routinely visits  with equestrians across Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and beyond to offer her superior saddle products and saddle fitting expertise. 


Sara has been riding horses for her entire life. She has competed at professional levels and her skill and experience make her the perfect advisor for any equestrian competing at any level. ​


Raised in Southern New Englad Sara has spent her entire life dedicated to her passion for all things horses. She is also a trained fine artist with a BFA from Tufts and the Museum School which truly compliments her keen eye to detail and superior pride in craftsmanship. 


Today Sara resides in South Reading, VT with her longtime partner Ed and her loyal dog Grizelda where she trains horses  and wrangles a menagerie of other pets and farm animals.  


To learn more about Sara's life and professional career, click below!

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